10 Most Downloaded Apps of the Decade

Mark Zuckerberg took over our phones over this decade. The 4 most downloaded apps between 2010 and 2019 are all owned by Facebook!1 min

The 2010s have seen some big changes in how we interact with each other and with the world: We now take rides from strangers via platforms like Uber and Lyft, we rent other people’s homes through Airbnb instead of booking a hotel. We shop and get our purchases delivered to us from the comfort of our homes through online shopping platforms. We also play console-quality video games such as Call of Duty, Fortnite, and PUBG on our phones. All of these changes have one thing in common, have you guessed it already? it’s MOBILE APPS!

How many apps do you have on your phone? That’s right, you can’t even count them because you have many!

Stick around and find out what are the most downloaded apps of the decade 👀

Source: Business Insider

  1. 1 Facebook

    Created in 2004, Facebook is the most downloaded app over the last 10 years with 4.6 billion downloads.

  2. 2 Facebook Messenger

    Messenger is an in-app messaging feature created by Facebook in 2011. As the decade ends, it has become the second most downloaded app with 4.4 billion downloads.

  3. 3 WhatsApp

    Created in 2009, WhatsApp is now another messaging app owned by Facebook that Facebook's owner, Mark Zuckerberg, bought for $19 Billion in 2014. WhatsApp is the third most downloaded app of the decade with 4.3 Billion downloads

  4. 4 Instagram

    Instagram, also owned by Facebook, is a photo and video sharing platform that was launched in 2010 and stands fourth in the list with 2.7 billion downloads. Instagram was acquired by Facebook in 2012 for $1 billion.

  5. 5 Snapchat

    Snapchat is a photo-messaging app that was launched in 2011 and it soon became very popular. Snapchat is the only app not owned by Facebook to make it to the top five of the list with 1.5 billion downloads.

  6. 6 Skype

    Skype is a video-calling and voice chat app created in 2003 and was acquired by Microsoft in 2012. Skype was downloaded 1.3 billion times over the decade.

  7. 7 Tiktok

    TikTok was invented in 2016 but was launched in markets outside of China in 2017. TikTok is one of the newest entries on the list but has already been downloaded 1.3 billion times.

  8. 8 UC Browser

    Powered by the Alibaba Group, UC Browser is a web browser that is the eighth most downloaded app of the decade ahead of Youtube and Twitter. The browser is even more popular than Google Chrome in some parts of Asia. Who would've thought? 😲

  9. 9 Youtube

    Founded in 2005, YouTube is an American video-sharing platform. YouTube now operates as one of Google‘s subsidiaries. The app was downloaded 1.3 billion times and is the highest-ranked Google app on the list.

  10. 10 Twitter

    Twitter was launched in 2006 and gained popularity since then. The app made the list with one billion downloads over the decade.

Topic: Most Downloaded Apps of the Decade

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