Most Popular Tv-series In During The Pandemic

We now spend much more time watching our favorite TV shows... Director Jure Tovrljan came up with digital posters combining popular TV shows and Coronavirus days! 1 min

Hola binge-watchers!

Many of us watch classical TV shows to spend some quality time in our homes. Tv-series In During The Pandemic. As the #stayhome messages are emphasized constantly, here we see another creative work that combines the Corona-days spirit with some of the most well-known TV shows. In these posters, we see the reflection of our changing habits, bringing the question: “What would be different, if those shows were shot during the COVID-19 times?” Tv-series In During The Pandemic. Let’s move on before making you wait any longer!

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  1. 1 The "Home" Office

    It’s for sure, that the legendary sitcom “The Office” if it publishes today! It really is a creative poster, stressing the #stayhome and #socialdistancing messages.

  2. 2 The "Symptoms"

    Is there any soul left, that has not known of the Simpsons?! Well, we cannot know, but here in this version of the series, our characters are fighting with the COVID-19 pandemic in Springfield, all wearing masks. Also, “Homer Sweet Homer” is a nice reference to the phrase “home sweet home”...

  3. 3 "Virtual" Friends

    All of us now use social applications to keep in touch with our friends. Here are the most popular friends of TV history, on a video call, “Using by Skype”... A creative one.

  4. 4 "Baking Bread"

    As we determine getting closer to be pastry chefs day by day, it becomes much clearer that “basic chemistry” and recipes are all we need. Without a doubt, the best bread would be baked by the good overqualified teacher Walter White! He would be alright with such a career path in these quarantine days, don’t you think?

  5. 5 Game Of Thrones

    “The velvet throne” is surely much more comfortable than a throne of swords... This is a nice way of telling “the comfiest place is your home.” Let the war of the thrones begin! The winner gets the couch and the remote control!

  6. 6 How I Met Your Mother?

    If it publishes today, it wouldn’t probably be such a long TV show. Social apps and social media, in general, already replaced the beautiful, coincidence-based stories of old times. But these days that we say #stayhome, the only way to meet new people is by using social media.

  7. 7 Prison Break

    Sorry, creative escape plans cannot get you out this time... In the poster, there’s an inspiring plan that just shouldn’t be put into practice! 


  8. 8 The Walking "Deaf"

    “Fight the deaf, fear the living”

    Creative as it’s simple, this slogan reminds us of an enemy more real than zombies. Dealing with those that neglect the necessary hygiene measures, or “the deaf” people, in other words, shouldn’t even be on the agenda. However, we need to fight against those too, be frightened a little bit for our health, and #stayhome.

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Birsen Kargın

Graduated in Business Administration and Management from Ege University. Greatly interested in creative advertisement and green marketing. Aspires to make a positive difference in the world, working on projects that positively impact people's lives and create change.

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