10 Creative And Lovely Father’s Day Ads

We get back to normal as of summer months, and we all expect to spend a different Father’s Day. Here are creative Father’s Day ads after the time we spent inside. 1 min

Hola creative minds! Father’s Day Ads!

As Father’s Day approaches, families are starting making plans and children are looking for gifts. After all the months spent at home, many are taking this special day as an opportunity to get a tad more normalized. Such an attempt is not to go back to our exact routines, it’s rather like having a ‘different normal’. Many industries are affected by the pandemic and they also try to adjust to this new normal order of things. Father’s Day is a great occasion for them to bond with their customers again!

You might be seeing many beautifully designed ads on social media or television. “Covid-19 and #stayhome” are not the slogans now, brands are basing their campaigns on “customer value and sale marketing” instead, concretizing the normalization efforts!

We collected some of the creative Father’s Day ads to inspire. Let’s begin!

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  1. 1 Coca-Cola

    The brand that uses the invisible branding in many of its campaigns, celebrates Father’s Day by adding a mustache to the Coca-Cola bottles that you effortlessly imagine as you look at it. Such a simple and creative work.

  2. 2 Dow Media

    Dow Media touches our deep emotions when they interlock the “father” with her first love”. A dad is his daughter’s first hero, first love. Isn’t it a sentimental way of celebrating Father’s Day?

  3. 3 McDonald’s

    Sleepless nights with their baby, the fear of their toddler falling and hurting themselves, rebelliousness during their child's puberty, and the gloom brought by their grown-up kid leaving home... Each of these takes something off of your dad’s hair. McDonald’s celebrates the Father’s Day of these dads who took care of their kids painstakingly, with a creative ad of associating thinning hair of our fathers with sesames on a bun.

    Created by Bee and Andrew Creative Team

  4. 4 Siti Networks

    Another ad that speaks to our emotions! The loading bar loads the mustache now, complemented by the slogan, “being a good father takes a lot of time.” Our fathers learn to become a father each day as we grow. It’s a creative and fairly sentimental ad.

    Created by Daiko FHO

  5. 5 FedEx

    What were we saying? A dad is his child’s first hero. It was fascinating to us kids that our dads were very powerful and even could fly. We easily believed them, and never regretted them. FedEx demands that kind of trust from its customers. The brand emphasizes that they will make sure your father gets his gift as fast as you believed them as a kid, with a strong and emotional slogan.

  6. 6 KFC

    Once more we see a mustache added to a product. KFC’s creative Father’s Day ad is a delicious looking famous chicken leg in a mustache shape. What can make a dad -and his fingers- happier?

  7. 7 Volkswagen

    We see a dad and his son having a conversation, in front of a white background. Do you ask what’s the deal? That they are literally ‘cars’!! These cars are two versions of the most popular design of Volkswagen. The younger one learns its history from the older. It becomes a meaningful and creative ad when we ad the slogan, “no matter how old you get, you still have a lot to learn from him.”

  8. 8 Rixos Hotels

    Now we see Rixos Hotels, again with the theme of our dads being our heroes. They put a silhouette of a superhero as the shadow of our dads who seem to have pretty normal lives. Clear, but a subtle message.

  9. 9 O Boticário

    “Your dad gave you all the best of himself..” This statement gets a much stronger meaning with the image above it. A father that gave his son only his best features; same sparkling eyes. Now, it’s your turn. So they say, gave them only the best: a product from O Boticário. A creative ad for a good sale.

  10. 10 Bru

    A coffee brand Bru, warms up our hearts with a coffee bean mustache and a cappuccino heart. With the slogan “a special cup of love for that special one in your life,” they give you a nice idea for Father’s Day and stress the value of their products in a creative way.

BONUS: Philips

Philips had the name Philishave until 2006, and this is an old yet very creative ad of the brand. It shows that you can give your father a quality experience of shaving by buying the Philishave shaving machine, with an ad that creatively transforms your father’s beard to a calendar!

Happy Father’s Day!  ❤️👨

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