7 Deliciously Creative Chocolate Day Ads!

As the Chocolate Day approaches, we collected some delicious ads for you. Beware! As creative as they are, these ads may cause severe chocolate cravings!1 min

Hola, chocolatoholics! 🍫❤️ Our beloved companions during the quarantine and important contributors to our “a few extra pounds,” chocolates make a pretty solid market for emotional marketing strategies on special days and intense moments of our lives. In the chocolate industry, there are almost infinitely many ways to be creative when it comes to packaging, taste components, design… Chocolate Day.

That’s probably why it is easy for us the notice the “signature elements” of many famous chocolate brands. Having a signature look and taste is necessary for holding up to this challenging and competitive market. Here we will discover beautifully creative ads from the most popular chocolate brands, that are made to seduce you on Chocolate Day!

If everybody got some chocolate snacks to satisfy their sweet cravings through the post, let’s begin!

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    The brand is identified with the slogan “You’re not you when you’re hungry,” and now they complete it with an attractive visual campaign. Drawing hungry and wild animals to the backgrounds of human faces... A great way to speak to the animals inside us.

  2. 2 MAGNUM

    Magnum is an ice-cream brand, but its chocolate too is now a pretty popular product. The beautiful harmony between chocolate and ice-cream completes the brand’s profile. A powerful slogan is combined with a basic but delicious image. What matters is the signature. We can feel the sound, smell, and taste of the chocolate... that’s the signature of the brand and the reason behind its uniqueness.


    Creative work by the brand to introduce you to their products! In this ad, we see Butler Scotch and dark chocolate. With the slogan “This is not a chocolate bar,” the brand creatively illustrates the classes of chocolates by ingredient. What the elite and original campaign!

  4. 4 ÜLKER

    Love and life situations, in the form of four states of chocolate! Ülker emphasizes that chocolate is not good only for broken hearts, but it speaks to many emotions, as a brand is known best for their chocolate with pistachios. A nice idea combined with creative design, making an impressive ad!

    Created by Ajans Ultra


    “Be more imaginative,” the brand says, in its aesthetically pleasing ad of origami and chocolate combination. A swiss army knife is a tiny tool, yet it brings solutions to many challenges we face during daily life, just like Toblerone does. A creative one, indeed.


    Ferrero Rocher is here with an ad made for Diwali, the Hindu festival of lights. The brand consistently emphasizes in its ads that making chocolate is a job as meticulous and precious as engraving gold or cutting a diamond, by exhibiting its chocolates with gold dust as a unique part of luxury environments. This time, the Ferrero Rocher chocolate's layers combine to create a storyline, making up the meaning “love comes with layers.” Every beautiful thing is complicated and demands handwork. A uniquely made ad!

  7. 7 KITKAT

    KitKat’s slogan “Have a break” is a catchy and successful one since day one of the brand’s existence. Life is full of frustrations, boring work hours, heartbreaks, and many other things. You can take out your irritation on KitKat chocolates —by cracking them! This ad is a story of a fine and impressive slogan...


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