7 Creative Ads To Celebrate The Lipstick Day!

Staying at home might have reduced our make-up rituals.. But some habits never fade! We collected some ads with ‘lipsticks’, to bring the spirit of the Lipstick Day!1 min

Hola make-up artists! Let’s admit that not all of us turned into athletes, spent the best time with our families, or became chefs during the quarantine. We lost it sometimes and just tried to stay happy and healthy, which was more than enough. Lipsticks are one of the earliest items that make people, especially women, feel nice. They are still here with us in this difficult period. It might have appeared to some, that beauty is for ourselves, not for the others to see. We turned to our make-up only to have fun this time.

As the July 29th Lipstick Day approaches, we wanted to do justice to our old friends, by creating content full of appreciation of lipsticks!

Lipsticks are for strong, sophisticated, confident, and self-reliant looks. These ads are not of lipsticks directly, because these items became a universal image that strongly affects consumer behaviors —sometimes subliminally even. So, we chose to take them not as leads, but as silent heroes.

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Let’s begin!

  1. 1 Loreal

    As a part of Loreal’s “This is an ad for men” campaign, here we see “lipstick chart.” It’s a striking result that research in Germany has revealed. The sad truth is, men dominate the management and executive boards with 91.4%. Loreal tries to show men that women can drastically improve performance and profit, with this genius lipstick chart. What a creative attempt of screaming women’s voice and strength.

    #strongwomen #genderequality

  2. 2 Renault

    “Red is dead” is a friendly campaign that is made to heat up the competition. It started in 2011 when the Redbull team won the F1 World Championship with the Renault engine. The Ferrari’s red started reminding Renault’s yellow… so did the lipsticks. Lipsticks almost always associate with red tones. But since the ‘red is dead,’ they now associate with yellow. A brand new age! This makes a successful ad, making you leave the traditional red lipsticks!

  3. 3 Diesel

    ‘Oldies but goldies,’ a phrase perfect for describing this one. “Live fast” is a Diesel campaign from 2008. The digital shopping media were just developing then, so the brand promoted high speed, secure and easy shopping through diesel.com. Don’t let shopping slow you down when life flows so fast! However, if you notice, here we see women living fast, who are trying to put on lipstick while running! Lipsticks and women are inseparable, no matter how fast or slow we live. It is a part of our lives, perhaps as essential as clothing. This ad reflects that in a powerful way, with extra attention to details like smearing.

  4. 4 Gucci

    Does Gucci’s new lipstick ad make you uncomfortable? Good. In these modern times, a beauty company cannot continue by sticking to only one form of beauty, asserting an acceptable, optimal way to be pretty. Variety is essential to bring all the women who sell and buy those products together. Also, we try destroying the standardized beauty perceptions, so the brands should take the responsibility to make a difference by supporting anti-discriminatory, integrationist mindsets. Here we see Gucci doing the undone, presenting their products through real people instead of perfect models with neat, pearly white teeth. That strengthens the imperfect beauty each of us has... Such a touching and successful example of marketing.


  5. 5 Casio

    Who wouldn't love looking nice in every photo? Casio comes up with the dream camera to solve this! With a special effect of make-up, you can look your best each and every time. Casio presents this new product in a very basic and effective way —the cameras turn into cosmetics. A creative and impressive one.

  6. 6 Medical Park

    This is a newer campaign, that comes with an important message. We love our cosmetics, but we should keep in mind that they may cause harm. Using heavy make-up for long periods, having products of poor quality, or misapplication can irritate the skin. Medical Park draws attention to that by an emergency siren of red lipstick.

    Created by Grafikat Adworks

  7. 7 Max Factor

    We have already stated how beautiful it feels to put on a nice lipstick, but another important point is doing it at the right time. For example, applying make-up during driving causes many losses every year... Thanks to this campaign of Max Factor, we remember that putting on lipstick and driving should not be done at the same time. “Don’t make-up and drive”...


Renault is another brand that brings attention to the “driving and making up” issue. A car accident portrayed with lipsticks, warning you to watch the road instead of keeping your eyes on the rearview mirror. Life might be beautiful when you’re pretty, but it’s more beautiful when you’re living it.

Happy Lipstick Day! 💋❤️

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Birsen Kargın

Graduated in Business Administration and Management from Ege University. Greatly interested in creative advertisement and green marketing. Aspires to make a positive difference in the world, working on projects that positively impact people's lives and create change.

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