Trick Or Treat: 10 Scary And Clever Halloween Ads

It’s that time of the year that we see the dark sides of brands! Are you ready to get scared (!) of their creative ads? It’s Halloween time!1 min

Hola Boos! 👻🎃🖤

Turn the lights on, carve the pumpkins, and dress-up! Brace yourselves, because Halloween is here! Scary And Clever Halloween Ads.

Every special day, holiday or celebration greatly interests markets’ endemic departments. Brands plan their ad campaigns, after putting these occasions in line considering their target’s characteristics. However, Halloween is a rare one for brands, because every year it becomes a huge trend which is known and celebrated by every kind of consumer from every age group in the whole world. Any brand that keeps up with the times’ campaigns at this time of the year, regardless of market or target. That makes a very creative and productive month! No matter which field or market you are in, campaigning entertaining, cutely scary, creative ads that are nicely constructed for the target group with Halloween spirit can elevate your name, and bring new customers that may or may not be known to you as potentials.

Hola Boos! 👻🎃🖤

Turn the lights on, carve the pumpkins, and dress-up! Brace yourselves, because Halloween is here!

You may be out of Halloween mood at the moment, because of all these COVID-19 and social distancing issues.. wait until you see these brilliantly creative ads we collected for you!

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  1. 1 Burger King

    One of the cutest and the most creative competition of all time in marketing history is the one between Burger King and McDonald's! You might know some of the stuff Burger King made to McDonald's in its campaigns before, and when it’s Halloween time, it makes so much sense demonstrating the clown scary! They promise a menu fit for a King, to everyone coming as a Clown! Takes some courage, don’t you think?

  2. 2 Jeep

    You may be used to see minimal visuals and messages in Jeep ads, as this brand portrays a strong and urban profile blended with raw and modern vibes. This time, their minimalism comes with fun! It’s utterly creative to turn the familiar Jeep bonnet into Halloween monsters!

  3. 3 Toblerone

    Dark Toblerone and pumpkin-orange background... That’s the Halloween spirit and colors. Minimally broken Toblerone bar pieces create an illusion of a pumpkin, on an orange ground. A successful campaign suited for Halloween.

    Created by Eulle Digital

  4. 4 McDonald's

    McDonald's presents you with a basic and nicely constructed print ad that combines Halloween spirit with Open Late culture. Halloween means “monsters” who abandon their beds at night to go to McDonald's that’s Open Late... A creative one!

  5. 5 Greenpeace

    Here we see the revolt of Greenpeace against Volkswagen, about the emission issue. They didn’t let us forget what Volkswagen did with their emission readings, by taking advantage of the Halloween trend. What Greenpeace wants is an electric car suitable for middle-income families. This ad is not only creative but also environmentally-responsible.

  6. 6 M&M

    “And then... they gave them raisins!” Doing that on Halloween night would be choosing the trick over the treat, be honest! Nothing can be worse than a child who didn’t get any candies. M&M warns you that a home without M&M can be so very bad, with this brilliant ad.

  7. 7 Pizza Hut

    We have to admit that this dreadfulness is mouth-watering! A frightening face made by melted cheese makes this ad a delicious one full of Halloween spirit.

    Created by Clever Advertising

  8. 8 San Francisco's Zoo

    Here we see the creative ad of San Francisco's Zoo, they are throwing a Halloween party with the slogan “Boo at Zoo.” Killer koala? Or, dangerous owl? What a creative ad reviving the old camp-time horror stories!

  9. 9 Oreo

    What’s that?! Is it a bat or a vampire, flying through a Halloween midnight's full moon? Ah, that’s just an Oreo dipping into milk! Another nice example for Halloween campaigns —picturing milk and Oreo with an interesting illusion. Creative!

    Created by Pixonal

  10. 10 L'Émouleur

    A knife brand wouldn’t pair with bad guys in movies better if it wasn’t for a Halloween ad (else, it would be a bad match)! In this campaign, the bad guys lined up for the best quality knives emphasize how good L'Émouleur products are. A powerful ad, indeed!

Bonus: Pepsi vs Coca Cola

Oldies but goldies! We couldn’t pass this one, as it is one of the most creative examples of marketing rivalry on Halloween! The Pepsi can in a Coca-Cola cloak is a frightening Halloween costume for Pepsi, you believe it’s Pepsi while it`s Coca Cola scarily tricking you. That same image portrays something entirely different in the eyes of Coca Cola —a little boy dressed as his favorite hero for Halloween. What a creative way to respond!

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